Вода дает жизнь, а камень символизирует силу. Можно сказать, что они и есть символы мужского и женского начала. Заданная в серии симметрия создает между ними необходимый баланс, то равновесие, из которого и получается свобода.


Abstraction? Symmetry? Eroticism? What is it?

A stone and a water, as symbols of the male and famale beginning. A water being the essential life element, without which life couldn’t exist. And a stone as a metaphor for eternal and long lasting power, and symmetry showing the balance between these two essentials. Movement of water and absence of motion for the stone under a certain angle, with a lighting game creating a mirroring reflection enchanting the symmetry, and elaborating on the balance between the two beginnings. This balance is a necessity for nature to maintain its equality, harmony, and freedom.
These photos at first glance remind of abstraction, but after further investigation, you start to notice sea-scapes. Slow and

methodic movement of water which crosses paths with the impenetrable stone obstacle and transforms into abstract shapes and figures, and within

seconds a new form is born.

As a famous saying goes, you can endlessly look at three things, one of which is the movement of water, such as the flow of water in the river and mighty force of the ocean wave, smashing full-force, on to the sea-side stones. Same could be said about these artworks, endless dimensions of varying shapes and figures, never become boring to look at, and return us to the question of our purpose in life.

Баланс и Свобода №8. 133х150 см. 2018.

  • Дибонд. УФ-печать под лаком. 133 х 150 см. Тираж 5 экз.


    Dibond. The uv-print under a varnish. 133 x 150 cm. The edition of 5.

Biography and exhibitions.



 Portrait painter and ironic and free artist Vlad Loktev began his career as a photographer in the late 80s, at the Slava Zaitsev Fashion House, where he worked as a model. Flipping through the western fashion magazines and imitating world masters of fashion photography such as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Herb Ritz, Vlad soon became deeply attached to the school. Loktev's work, to which he is still loyal to this day, was heavily influenced by the culture of the 90's. The artist was inspired by the emotionality, sexuality and beauty of the female body, as well as the fluidity of its movement.

  In the early 90's, the artist collaborated together with the RED STARS agency and began to develop a modeling business in Russia, and this project enveloped him completely. Almost all of the most successful models began their careers working with Loktev. At the height of his career, his hard work culminated in two personal exhibitions, which resulted in the public taking a real interest in his photography.

  With the advent of glossy magazines in Russia, Vlad Loktev became the most popular photographer of that time. Fashion and man fully defined his role in the world of photography. His works can be seen in magazines such as Vogue, Glamor, TATLER, GQ, MAXIM, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel, Elle, Playboy, Domovoy, ...




1989. Festival of Fashion. Tallinn.

1991. Personal exhibition ‘COLLECTION’. Moscow.

1993. Personal exhibition ‘COLLECTION No.2’. Moscow.

2003. Photo project ‘Five Senses’. Moscow.

2004. Special project for GQ Magazine ‘Olympic Hopes’. Moscow.

2005. MEPStreet, Art, Fashion, ‘A New Photo from a New Russia’. Antwerp.

2007. Personal exhibition ‘FORMS OF HAPPINESS’. Moscow.

2007. Museum of Modern Art as part of the project ‘FASHION AND STYLE’ (award – Silver Wreath 2007). Personal exhibition ‘COLLECTION No. 3’. Moscow.

2008. Exhibition and presentation of the album ‘Gloss’. Moscow.

2008. Center for Contemporary Art ‘Winzavod". ‘Best of Russia’. Moscow.

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